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Pursuant to Section 15(kha) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Act, 1997, the main functions of the Board are to: 

Regulate and systematized accounting profession, formulation of accounting standards on the basis of IFRSs. Set procedures to develop Accounting Standards and publish materials related to Accounting Standards. Make improvement and revision of Accounting Standards in line with IFRSs. Interpretation of Accounting Standards. Perform other functions related to Accounting Standards. ... Read More

 Past Chairmans and Tenure 
      First Chairman Mr. Tirtha Raj Upadhyay, FCA From 2059/11/26 to 2062/11/25 Second Chairman Mr. Madan Krishna Sharma, FCA From 2063/04/08 to 2066/04/07 Third Chairman Mr. Pradeep Kumar Shrestha, FCA From 2066/04/28 to 2069/04/27 Fourth Chairman Mr. Narayan Bajaj, FCA From 2069/06/12 to 2072/06/11 Fifth Chairman Mr. Narendra Bhattarai, FCA From 2072/06/15 to 2075/06/14
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ASB Board's 104th Meeting has approved its 'Meeting Conducting Procedure 2073' and the Procedure is effective from 2073 Magh 01.


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